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Visual DataFlex® developers know the secret - when it comes to building Windows® and Web business solutions fast & easy, the tool of choice is Visual DataFlex!

We're asking you to help us get the word out to the many developers worldwide who have not yet heard about VDF by doing the following:

1. Get Visual DataFlex from!Get it from CNET!
We are asking developers to download Visual DataFlex directly from CNET's website. By doing this, you help us to increase the visibility of Visual DataFlex by increasing the web traffic and download counts at this important site. But that's not all...

2. Write a review on!
CNET notes, "If you feel strongly about a particular product, we recommend that you submit a user opinion by clicking on the 'Write your own review' button on the page for that product." By completing this step, you can help us to put Visual DataFlex in the Top Rated Developer Tools list and share the secret about VDF with new developers worldwide!

3. Write a review on Windows Marketplace! is a Microsoft website that lists "products that work with Windows" and includes a Customer Review section for each product. By reviewing Visual DataFlex at this site you will help to put Visual DataFlex among the top rated of the Windows Windows development products listed!

4. Link to and on your website!
Google and other search engine crawlers rate the value of a website partially by the number of other websites that link to it. By including links on your website to our sites ( and, you can help us increase the page rankings and the likelihood of a new developer discovering Visual DataFlex. Data Access Worldwide corporate and product logos suitable for websites are available on our FTP site.

5. Send them a Visual DataFlex CD from Data Access Worldwide!
Know anybody who's seeking a fast & easy solution for developing any sort of database application, whether for personal or commercial use? If so, and if you think that by sending them a CD of the Visual DataFlex software (rather than a download link) will help to get them to try Visual DataFlex, just send us an e-mail and let us know the particulars (who, where, why) and we will ship it to them right away, complete with your regards!

We thank everyone in the Visual DataFlex community for their support of this very important initiative!

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