Visual DataFlex is now !

This website,, is being retired, and will eventually be shut down.
Please visit for the latest DataFlex product information.

Register Visual DataFlex Personal

By registering your evaluation Visual DataFlex, you will create a fully-functional Visual DataFlex Studio license with the same operating specifications as a commercial license.

Register Visual DataFlex Personal now.

Visual DataFlex is delivered in time limited form (it will stop operating after 60 days) - registration and activation remove this time limit to create a perpetual (non-expiring) license.

Activation is an automatic process that occurs when you launch Visual DataFlex and click the Get Activation Code button. Your Visual DataFlex software will contact Data Access Worldwide and return an activation code to you. Once received, enter this code into the form field where indicated. This requires an active Internet session.

Manual Activation
If you do not have an Internet connection for the computer that you have installed Visual DataFlex Personal on, you can get an activation code manually through the Visual DataFlex website.

Read more about Manual Activation.

Visual DataFlex® Personal is only for private, personal, non-commercial use.

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