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FREE Express Connectivity!

“Express Connectivity” licenses make connecting Visual DataFlex and DataFlex for Linux applications to “Express” SQL databases fast, easy and free for up to five users!

Microsoft, IBM and Oracle now offer free “Express” versions of their world-class SQL servers.  These high performance, highly reliable database products are ideally suited for use with Visual DataFlex solutions in many small and medium businesses.  Learn more about Express Servers.

To encourage both application developers and end-users to take advantage of the many features and benefits offered by IBM DB2 Express-C, Microsoft SQL Server Express and Oracle Express, Data Access Worldwide has implemented a special new license policy called “Express Connectivity” to encourage customers to use Express servers.

Express Connectivity Defined....

Express Connectivity is a special, no-entry-cost Connectivity Kit license for deployment only with a commercial Visual DataFlex Client License and a free “Express” SQL server. Under this license policy, developers and application users operating on Express SQL Servers can elect to add a no-entry-cost Connectivity Kit to new 1, 3 and 5 user Visual DataFlex Client Licenses and DataFlex for Linux Runtimes. Subscription renewals for Client Licenses that include Express Connectivity will be priced as Client Licenses with Connectivity. Any Visual DataFlex SQL Connectivity Kit (DB2, MS-SQL or ODBC with Embedded SQL) may be used under the Express Connectivity policy.

Features and Benefits

  • No start-up costs for developers or end users to begin using Express Databases
  • The reliability, performance and flexibility of market leading DBMS servers as the back end for Visual DataFlex and DataFlex for Linux applications
  • Minimal recurring cost (Client License annual subscription price increments to Client License with Connectivity)
  • Fast and easy…


  • Maximum of five users - larger user counts require fee-based, commercial Connectivity Kit licensing
  • Can only be used with designated free “Express” Servers.  Fee-based Connectivity Kits are required with fee-based DBMS server products.

For more information, contact your Visual DataFlex reseller, Channel Partner or Data Access Worldwide Regional Office.

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