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Web Applications - Fast & Easy

The DataFlex WebApp Server is a high performance, fully integrated application server for deploying browser-based applications, Web Services and service oriented architecture (SOA) solutions.

The Visual DataFlex Web Application Server features load balancing and process pooling for superior scalability and performance.Since WebApp Server is an integrated component of Visual DataFlex, it utilizes and leverages the complete resources of the environment. VDF Studio is the integrated development environment for web applications building; Data Dictionary Objects and Business Process Objects can be shared among Windows client-server and web applications and web services.

A single development-deployment architcture that uses shared components and common code means faster development, less code, easier maintenance and, overall, less complexity to build and deploy solutions.

Technically, the DataFlex WebApp Server is a compact, highly-efficient, C++ based application and transaction processing engine that connects to users and/or services via Microsoft IIS and to a variety of database options using Visual DataFlex’s standard connectivity architecture.

The WebApp Server’s design provides a fundamentally secure environment. An HTML interface defines visual properties for web pages and a messaging protocol for communication with the application server.  Server-side applications are driven entirely by messages. Applications code and database access and manipulation code are compiled and run in the server.

DataFlex Web Framework and Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

The DataFlex Web Framework helps developers build Rich Internet Applications (RIA) fast & easy! The framework enables developers to make their web applications more feature-rich and better looking. It includes both the foundation for building AJAX (or Web 2.0 applications), as well as a sample application that shows developers how to do it.

Learn more about the  DataFlex Web Framework.

Web Content Management

Electos is powered by the Visual DataFlex Web Application Server.For content oriented requirements, A Web Application Server application: Electos - a content management system (CMS) is available under a variety of licensing arrangements.  Electos Visual DataFlex source code is available under a special license for those that wish to customize the CMS or integrate it with other solutions.

DataFlex WebApp "SPLF" Server

The DataFlex WebApp "SPLF" Server (Security, Performance, Load Balancing and Failover) is a special server used as a collaborator that provides services and resources to one or more DataFlex WebApp Servers executing applications (clustered, multi-server with load balancing). Editions are available to accomodate a variety of deployment requirements.

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