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Visual DataFlex Web Application Server

The Visual DataFlex Web Application Server is the successor to WebApp Server 3. Numerous important features and changes have been introduced, and server performance and efficiency is significantly enhanced.

Preliminary performance tests of the Web Application Server produced the following results:

  • A loop containing 5,000 get/set properties that takes 58 seconds in WebApp Server 3 takes only 3 seconds in Web Application Server!
  • Retrieving 1,000 records from a database takes 15 seconds in WebApp 3, but only 2 seconds with Web Application Server!
  • The Microsoft Web Stress tool running a simple application script shows WebApp 3 serving between 7-9 requests per second, but showed Web Application Server serving between 71-73 requests per second!

The Visual DataFlex Web Application Server shares a common technology foundation with the components used to build and deploy Windows applications. This enables the development and interchangeable use of application code, data dictionaries and components for both Windows and Web applications.

Additional enhancements to the Web Application Server include new features added to the Administrator that expand its functionality, enhancements to improve usability, easy transition from WebApp Server 3 to the Web Application Server (as the new server can run "side-by-side" with previous revisions), and improved error handling and error messages.


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