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Why End Users Rely on Visual DataFlex

One of the key advantages of Windows business solutions built with Visual DataFlex is the strength of the interface presented to users entering data and transactions - the operational core of all database applications. VDF applications are fast and easy to work with; they can provide prompting, validations, status help and both mouse and keyboard navigation.  They generally support an easy, natural workflow.

Waterfall Visual DataFlex applications provide users with:

  • A Multiple Document Interface (MDI) presentation of views
  • Data-aware pull-down menus
  • Button-bar, mouse and keyboard application and data navigation
  • Pop-up context menus
  • Status help available on all fields
  • Selection lists, validation tables, and confirmations and warnings on all data operations
  • Transaction integrity

These fully customizable application facilities are automatically generated by the design tools built into the Visual DataFlex Studio, the integrated development environment (IDE) that developers use to create solutions.

Visual DataFlex applications promote efficient data entry and processing for application users, while the Visual DataFlex tools provide capable design, implementation, and maintenance for application developers.

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