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Why Developers Choose Visual DataFlex

Business solution developers worldwide choose Visual DataFlex when they need to rapidly create reliable, high-performance corporate, departmental and commercial applications for deployment on Windows and the Web. They choose VDF because it gives them everything they need to succeed with their projects and their products... a highly-tuned integrated development environment (the Studio IDE), wizards for creating forms and reports, an application framework, deployment components, an embedded, transaction optimized DBMS, automated tools for publishing and consuming web services, client/server database connectivity options and a mature, object-oriented 4GL.

New and experienced developers alike benefit from Visual DataFlex’s assortment of tools that generate error-free, ready to compile results - fast and easy.  Multi-file, relational forms with tabbed interfaces can be created without writing a line of code using Studio’s wizards.  Reporting wizards build good looking output with headings, breaks, totals and more using Visual DataFlex’s internal WinPrint component; the Crystal reports wizard, seamlessly integrates reports built with Crystal Reports into desktop Windows applications.

The Visual DataFlex application framework provides developers with a powerful, consistent yet flexible structure in which to maintain and evolve their solutions as user demands and new technologies drive the need for change.  The rich, object oriented language gives developers the control to implement almost any database application they can conceive.

Waterfall - Vert.VDF has a multi-tiered architecture.  An application’s business logic is contained in Data Dictionaries and Business Process Objects that are independent of the user interface.  This carefully crafted structure provides a common layer of components used to build both Windows and Web application user interfaces.

Developers choose Visual DataFlex because its architecture, application framework, wizards, code generators, rich language and class library mean writing less code and managing less complexity to build and deploy solutions in whatever environment meets the needs of the business:  the Windows desktop, as a web service, in web browsers, on cell phones and handheld PDAs.

Visual DataFlex solutions are database independent.  Developers can create and deploy on the embedded database or any of the industry’s top database servers without application changing code.  Database independence means lower cost, faster change processes, more flexibility and more scalability as database capacity, security, performance, platform and cost considerations change.

Finally, the common thread of any poll of VDF developers and their application users is that they use Visual DataFlex "because it works".  Visual DataFlex Studio works efficiently for developers as they build, maintain, change and evolve business solutions.  The VDF Windows Client Engine works reliably supporting end user solutions in health care, transporation, manufacturing, financial services, insurance, education, construction, agriculture, food service, wholesale distribution, retailing, technology, and the public sector.  VDF Web Application Servers work securely delivering information across the internet in a vast assortment of enterprises large and small.

With Visual DataFlex, you can...

  • Create applications faster in Studio... a single, integrated development environment specifically designed for developing Windows and Web database applications.
  • Extend your application’s functionality through a mature and proven object-oriented 4GL and high level database controls that help reduce coding and produce more reliable, easier to maintain results.
  • Connect your applications to industry leading client/server databases, including Pervasive.SQL, MS-SQL, IBM DB2, Oracle, or any ODBC compliant database.
  • Report on your data using VDF’s built in WinPrint technology, or for full-featured reporting leverage the power of the world’s #1 reporting tool - Crystal Reports for DataFlex.
  • Web-enable your applications and create standards based web services with the Web Application Server, VDF’s high-performance application server that seamlessly integrates with your VDF development environment.

Visual DataFlex is loaded with the advanced features that developers demand, including an advanced Studio for fast, easy visual development, easy integration of COM Automation and Active-X controls, Data Aware Controls without the need for custom programming, Data Dictionary Objects that encapsulate your business rules and validations for unmatched data integrity, reusable components, automatic multi-user applications, and increased ROI through a proven client/server database application architecture.

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