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What's New in Visual DataFlex 2012/17.0

Visual DataFlex 2012/17.0 delivers many important and requested features and additions that improve developer productivity, application quality and performance, including:

  • The Studio’s new Workspace Dashboard
  • Improved Windows System Font support
  • Longer database table and column names
  • Automatic ToDo support in the Studio
  • Enhanced client web services
  • A long list of Data Dictionary improvements
  • Implementation of numerous developer suggestions, enhancements, fixes and more!

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Visual DataFlex 2012’s new Workspace Dashboard presents key project information in one convenient location.
 Visual DataFlex 2012’s new
Workspace Dashboard provides
guidance to new users, useful information to existing users and improved usability for all users!

Details about What’s New in Visual DataFlex 2012/17.0

  • New Workspace Dashboard - Visual DataFlex 2012’s new Workspace Dashboard is designed to provide guidance to new users, useful information to existing users and improved usability for all users. It’s based on the same concepts as the Start Center, but with increased emphasis on prompting actions instead of prompting reading.
  • Font Changes - these enhancements result is better looking, more competitive applications by enabling your applications to make better use of system fonts in Windows while improving developer productivity. The enhancements allow your application to use the default Windows system typeface and font size, and new and better ways to customize font sizes across all supported versions of Windows.
  • Data Dictionary (DD) Improvements - Visual DataFlex 2012 makes it easier to do some things that were previously confusing or hard. There are a number of requirements that are both unique to data entry applications but quite common within them. We identified several of these requirements and they are now handled more easily and automatically within the DDs, resulting in less coding for you! This release also continues to provide developer requested features and extensions including further improvements to a number of existing DD features and empowering even easier end-user data entry and data lookup all while maintaining backward compatibility with existing DDs and applications.
  • Longer Table and Column Names - maximum Table names have been increased from 8 to 31 characters, and Maximum Column names have been increased from 15 to 32 characters in all back-end databases including the DataFlex embedded database.
  • New Entering and Exiting Events - Entering and Exiting messages are now sent to the containers of the objects that lose and gain the focus within a scope. For example, you could use this when entering or exiting a radio group or a container with checkboxes, allowing you to know when you are moving within the container and moving in and out of the container. We’ve added the OnExitObject, OnEnterObject, OnExitArea and OnEnterArea events to support this.
  • Studio Improvements - include automatic ToDo support, better Multi-File Search support, and more.
  • Client Web Services - Version 17.0 changes the way web-service clients handle those schema types that cannot be mapped to a DataFlex native type or struct. Previously, types that were defined in unusual ways, were mapped to pure XML objects, which made more work for developers. A new change in how Visual DataFlex serializes the XML allows it to isolate these XML islands in much smaller areas. The end result is that more of the XML parsing and conversion is done for you!
  • General Entry Improvements - improved Masked Date data entry.
  • Language Improvements - added new Studio meta-data tags: OverrideFunction, OverrideProcedure, OverrideProcedureSet.
  • Updated Connectivity Kits - the SQL Connectivity Kits for Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 Universal Database, Pervasive PSQL and ODBC have been improved with new features and fixes.
  • Help - the Help’s Class Reference has been updated to properly filter inherited class members when they are public in a superclass but private in an inherited class, improving the readability of the lists of suitable class members when viewing the Properties, Events and Methods for any class.
  • New Sample for Visual DataFlex 17.0 - a new sample, AliasTableExample, has been added to the Specialized Components sample workspace. The new sample contains a single view, SalesP.vw that illustrates numerous new features, including Creating alias tables and Data Dictionaries, Local DD relationships, Long table/column names, Null parents, and Sub-classing a concrete DD.
  • Numerous Developer Suggestions and Bug Fixes - as always, numerous suggestions from the DataFlex developer community along with various enhancements and fixes are included.

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