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If you’re ready to build shrink-wrapped, commercial applications or solutions for enterprise, departmental or personal use, join the worldwide community of developers and download Visual DataFlex now. 

See just how fast & easy developing Windows and Web database applications can be.  Implementing a Service Oriented Architecture / SOA ?  Build client & server-side Web Services too - all in Visual DataFlex! 

Download Visual DataFlex now!

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The following licenses are available for Visual DataFlex:

WF4Visual DataFlex Personal -- free!
A free, fully functional Visual DataFlex that includes Studio, a 3-User Client Engine and a Personal Web Application Server licensed for personal, non-commercial use.  With a Visual DataFlex Personal License you can even distribute applications to others or publish a small web site as long as the application is not used commercially and no fee of any kind is charged for the software or any related services.  Visual DataFlex Personal can be upgraded to a Commercial License with a simple registration code update.  Learn more about Visual DataFlex Personal.

Visual DataFlex Commercial Licenses
Any form of commercial use of Visual DataFlex requires a fee-based license for each developer, desktop application user or web server. Visual DataFlex Studio, Client Engines and Web Application Server commercial licenses can be combined, mixed and matched according to the needs of a particular business, software consultant or commercial application developer.  Learn more about Visual DataFlex Commercial Licenses.

Volume and OEM Pricing
Volume discounts are available for businesses, institutions and government agencies that have large scale, multi-site deployments such as branch offices. Volume and OEM pricing is also available for systems integrators and companies that create commercial software products and deliver professional services. Please contact the nearest Data Access regional office for volume and OEM pricing: Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, South America.

Downloading Visual DataFlex
Both Personal and Commercial Licenses are created from a single downloadable installation component. When you download Visual DataFlex, it will run in a fully functional, time-limited evaluation mode for 60 for days. By a simple registration process, you can get a free, unrestricted Visual DataFlex Personal License. When you get a Personal License or buy Commercial Licenses, your registration code will remove evaluation mode time limitations to create perpetual licenses.

Download Visual DataFlex!

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