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Visual DataFlex 2008 supports Windows Vista


Windows Vista is Microsoft's next generation computing platform. It includes exciting new capabilities for users as well as important enhancements for system and information security. With Visual DataFlex 2008, Data Access Worldwide formally delivers full support for both application development and deployment on Windows Vista.

As with each prior version of Windows, Vista mandates changes in applications. There are considerably more changes needed to provide a competitive user experience on Vista than were needed for prior versions of Windows. While there may be a temptation to deploy on Vista applications that were designed for Windows XP or 2000, the likelihood of success with users is low because of the extent of Vista's changes from user interface subtleties to critical security restrictions. Also, simply turning off Vista's features such as User Account Control (UAC) is not an acceptable practice in most business environments.

To an extent never before provided, Visual DataFlex 2008 accommodates many of the application changes needed for this new and different operating system thereby relieving the developer of much of the overhead of upgrading and migration. Developers should upgrade to Visual DataFlex 2008 as soon as possible and begin preparing their applications for Windows Vista. Some Vista application issues are addressed automatically during migration to Visual DataFlex 2008.

Microsoft cites selling 100 million copies of Vista in its first year on the market. Preparing applications for Vista now with Visual DataFlex 2008 means being ready to deliver solutions for the huge, rapidly expanding population of workstations and laptops and having the flexibility to develop and deploy applications for which version of Windows users have installed - Vista, XP or 2000.

While a great deal of effort has been invested to automatically migrate Visual DataFlex applications to Windows Vista with the least possible impact on developers, not all migration requirements can be supported with automated processes. Developers should expect some minor tuning or adjustments in Visual DataFlex applications migrated to Windows Vista.

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